Professional sellers and big business alike have been using the auction method for centuries. Take for example, the cattle industry, the diamond industry, the automotive industry, and even the tobacco industry. They would all be crippled without the ability to buy and sell by auction. The method is simply the most logical, fairest, and prosperous method available which is why governmental agencies, lawyers, executors, the courts and trustees use it regularly. However for sellers new to selling by auction, below are a few of the key points to help you understand why the auction method so preferable:

  • It creates competition: (When bidders compete, sellers win)
  • It establishes a floor and eliminates the ceiling on pricing
  • Itís fully transparent and recognized as being fair to all parties in the marketplace
  • Itís the only method that truly reveals the Current Fair Market Value
  • It satisfies governmental and judicial requirements
  • It creates excitement within the marketplace
  • It creates a sense of urgency that cannot be duplicated by any other method of marketing
  • Auctions are effective, exciting, and immediate
  • It is the surest method
  • It sells at the time desired
  • It is the quickest method
  • It is the most convenient
  • The highest price can be obtained
  • It stimulates competition
  • Auction advertising is more effective
  • It puts bidders in a positive frame of mind
  • It creates an atmosphere favorable to action
  • It brings buyers to a moment of decision
  • It is the most fascinating way
  • It raises the price little by little
  • It is natural to want what others desire
  • It gives all an equal chance
  • Bids are influenced by the judgment of others
  • It creates the sporting spirit
  • It may bring more than the asking price
  • Price is made by more than one
  • Offers are secured on spur of the moment
  • It arouses enthusiasm
  • Hospitality and sociability create interest
  • The owner sets no price ceiling
  • It is the most economical way
  • It is the most efficient
  • It is the most modern method of selling

The above are just a few key benefits to selling by auction, but each situation is different. If youíre considering a sale, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you and discuss your options with you. Donít wait another day. Contact Us Now.

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