Due to various changes over the last several years storage auctions, landlord liens and lockouts have risen dramatically. While the economic changes have certainly contributed to this, media attention as well as other factors have also played a part. A quick check of your favorite internet search engine will show numerous publications being offered now regarding how to make money from home by buying at these types of auctions and then reselling via ebay and other venues.

With that being said, landlord liens, lockouts, and self storage foreclosures represent a unique area of the auction profession. Knowledge of laws and legal formalities as well as meticulous attention to detail is of paramount importance. This makes The Carpenter Group a natural choice to handle these types of sales. Through various interests and ventures along with our legal staff we deal with the Texas Property Code virtually on a daily basis. We understand the importance of protocol and the importance of formalities.

Additionally with our resources, access to auction buyers, and marketing abilities we also know how to properly promote each of these sales. While some landlords in possession of a lien to foreclose may initially question the value of having a professional auctioneer conduct these sales, it doesn’t take long to realize this is a service that doesn’t cost, it pays. The law allows for the recovery of expenses incurred in foreclosing your lien. Let us help put more of the money you’re owed back on the profit side of your P&L.

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