Business liquidations and inventory reduction auctions are one of the largest and busiest areas of the auction industry. A quick check of the auction section of most any major metropolitan newspaper will confirm that these types of sales account for the majority of the auctions being conducted on most any given week. Sellers know auction is the preferred method to liquidate a business and for good reason:

  • It’s FAST. Many times in a business liquidation or inventory reduction situation funds are needed quickly to abate further issues.
  • It’s COMPLETE. At the end of the auction everything has been liquidated. Once the choice items have been sold, there is no left over merchandise that must be shipped to another venue to be sold, cleaned up, or dealt with by other methods.
  • In many cases the dollar return is higher than selling by so called “conventional methods.”

With a strong background in the business brokerage profession we have a unique understanding of the forces at work behind these auctions as well as ways to market them. Through our national affiliations and networks of business brokers we’re able to not only market your auction locally, but also to buyers all over the country and beyond who are looking to purchase business assets to expand their own companies.

With specialized training, industry designations and experience in the profession, we know business liquidations. Whether you’re a principal of the company, a business broker, a trustee or a receiver we will work with you to achieve your goal.

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