Benefit auctions are one of the fastest growing segments of the auction industry, and with good reason. There may well be no other fundraising option that can come close to offering an organization what a benefit auction can. Not only in terms of the amount donations that can be acquired at the event itself, but in future benefits as well. A well planned banquet style event featuring a silent and live auction is just that. It’s a social event. People look forward to it. They plan to attend far in advance and talk about it long afterwards. In fact once properly established, the auction becomes an annual event with each year paving the way for the next year.

A few of the advantages of the benefit auctions are:

  • “New Money” raised from new sources
  • Goods & Services are easier to obtain than money, especially in a down economy
  • It’s a media event
  • Image enhancement
  • Increased annual income
  • New volunteers
  • New donors
  • Highly productive, relative to effort expended
  • A “fun project”
  • Proceeds are immediately available
  • Builds toward an annual tradition

The key to making it all happen falls in two key areas; the planning and the auctioneer. The skills required for an auctioneer to handle a benefit auction are unique to any other kind of auction. He must have a keen understanding of the fundraising concepts as well as be an entertainer and be able to keep the audience involved. With all this going on, he must still be an auctioneer, but not just any auctioneer. In a normal auction where liquidation of large amounts of merchandise is being sold quickly, the auctioneer may say “sold” every 30-45 seconds. In some sales it may happen every 20 seconds. In a benefit auction the amount of time you have has been preplanned and the right amount of merchandise has been procured to accommodate that time. Also a key point to remember is that typically, a benefit auction is conducted before a group of non auction oriented people. Many are unskilled at bidding and may indeed be a bit bewildered by it all. It is for this reason that though the auctioneer’s chant should still be rhythmic and entertaining, above all else it must be understandable.

Here at The Carpenter Group we understand benefit auctions. We also welcome the opportunity to give something back to our local community whenever possible. For that reason we offer our services to certain local children’s ministries, churches, youth programs, and charities at a reduced or free “pro-bono” rate. Whether you're planning a full blown banquet, or pie and cake auction at your upcoming church social event, Contact Us.

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